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Citrus Swallowtail, one of the many beautiful butterflies omnipresent in our vineyard


The /Xam San people, known in colonial times as the Bushmen, are the original environmentalists. They see land as a source of life, a gift to humans that nourishes, supports and teaches - a true under-standing of our environment.

The /Xam San had a word for this: #hannuwa! It means the gathering of good fortune through living in sustainable harmony with our environment.

Taken from: Sustainable Wine South Africa SWSA

IPW - seal for Integrity and environmentally responsible production

our environment

in balance with nature

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#hannuwa reflects the ancient African wisdom of the /Xam San people, which we embrace with enthusiasm. Environmentally friendly thinking and acting form the natural base of our venture.

Bein Wine is certified by IPW SA (Integrated Production of Wine SA) for environmentally friendly and sustainable viti-viniculture.

Our quest for sustainability extends to our entire environment, naturally including the people around us. Offering jobs with good working conditions, paying fair salaries and promoting previously disadvantaged members of our communities are for us a matter of course.

As former vets, it goes without saying that we are passionate about nature. We run Bein Wine in the most sustainable way possible, based on scientific understanding and to the best of our knowledge.

Our commitment for sustainable practices

At Bein Wine, we follow the guidelines for sustainable practices of the OIV (Organisation International du Vigne et du Vin For more info, download here the guidelines for sustainable practices OIV 

We wholeheartedly embrace the initiative of the South African wine industry for a sustainable viti-viniculture in South Africa, as stated on the website of SWSA (Sustainable Wine South Africa) , and we commit ourselves to their goals and declarations.

Detailed insight provides this online brochure Our Sustainable Wine Journey from WOSA, our industry's export organisation.

We trust you appreciate and enjoy this sustainable wine journey with us.

Luca and Ingrid Bein, Winegrowers

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