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What is
Precision Viticulture?

Precision Viticulture (PV) is a scientific approach to manage variability within vineyards, such as differences in soil capacity.

It is based on vineyard analysis by means of advanced sensor technology, the most popular being aerial imagery in the red and near-infrared range. PV provides images showing vineyard conditions, and that allows us to demarcate zones of different vine performance.

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"Precision Viticulture in Bein's vineyard" 
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As smallest wine estate in the Cape, our vineyard comprises only two hectares, exclusively planted to Merlot vines.

This small size allows for a caring and environmentally responsible viticulture, based on the latest knowledge and technology, including Precision Viticulture by means of multispectral imagery.

We are certified by IPW SA (Integrated Production of Wine SA) for environmentally friendly and sustainable viti-viniculture from planting to bottling.

Bein Wine's vineyard is ideally suited for growing Merlot. It is situated on the cooler southern slopes of Stellenbosch's Polkadraai Hills, and is blessed with deep and highly weathered granite soils.

The climate is Mediterranean with dry, sunny summers and sufficient rainfall in winter. And the proximity to the coast, with its beautiful panoramic view over False Bay, ensures an always refreshing breeze and sufficient air humidity

Precision Viticulture scheme at Bein WinePrecision Viticulture by means of multispectral aerial imagery allows us targeted management decisions according to zonal requirements, such as fertilizing, water allocation, harvest timing and winemaking strategy.

Each micro site within our vineyard can such be developed to its individual potential, yielding several wines of distinctly different character from one single vineyard!