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Pink Merlot, the popular rose of Bein Wine Cellar

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Pink Merlot 

Merlot Rosé, W.O. Stellenbosch

The Pink Merlot is our fun wine, a fresh, fruity-dry Rosé from Merlot grapes, convincing with its vibrant colour and delicate fruit flavours.

Our Pink Merlot is made of specifically dedicated fruit from the luxuriant parts of our vineyard, harvested two weeks before maximum ripeness for crispier acidity, fresher flavours and comparably lower alcohol.

Meticulously sorted and carefully processed like all our wines, it is slowly cold-fermented with special yeast to preserve the delicate fruit flavours.

This Rosé is the perfect wine for any occasion, as aperitif or as versatile companion to many dishes such as fish and shellfish, salads, curries, or any summer meal. Or simply enjoy on its own as the ideal sundowner – to match the always stunning-pink sunsets of Africa!

Serve chilled, optimally at 5-8ºC. Enjoy young, best in its first two years of production

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