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Vintage report 2020

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Merlot 2020

Summary: Compared to the previous vintage, the vines started better into the new season. Although the total amount of winter rains was still below the long-term average, it was sufficient and the dams are at least two-thirds full at the start of the growing season. Also during spring, the weather conditions were favorable, which contributed to a somewhat earlier, but even budding and eventually a good canopy development.
During the summer, temperatures were generally moderate, and even during the midsummer ripening period we had not registered any of the otherwise characteristic hot days. These are good conditions for optimal fruit development.
Accordingly, the 2020 harvest began a little earlier than other years and brought about very healthy grapes of top quality. The resulting wines were correspondingly good, and we produced once again our top wines Bein Merlot and Merlot Reserve, but no Little; of course beside our always popular Rosé :-)

Vintage Report 2019-20

March 2020 - Main harvest

A perfect autumn 2020 in the Cape Winelands produced an evenly ripe and particularly healthy crop on our farm, and we finally harvested the Merlot grapes for our red wine on March 5th under ideal conditions. Quantity was a bit down in comparison to long-term numbers, but quality was great and the young wines are really promising, with great concentration, intense colour and luscious aromas. The video will tell you more:

February 2020

This vintage has so far been rather unusual, with moderate temperatures -  except for a few 35-degree C days - plus unusually high winds in January. Rain is still in short supply, but the regional water dams have enough reserves so that we could irrigate where needed. And the vineyard approved it, looking healthy and strong.
As always, the rosé harvest marked the beginning of our harvest season, this time on 12th of February, slightly earlier than other years. Quality and quantity was significantly better than last year. 

2020 is a jubilee year:  20 Years Bein Merlot!

(Music: Thorsten Eden

November/December 2019 - early summer

The early summer of this vintage is characterized by nice weather and moderate temperatures, perfect for us and the vines. However, we saw no rain for weeks and were already afraid that the drought in recent years would repeat itself. But at the end of October, a decent cold front brought some good 80mm of rain, enough water for flowering and the subsequent important growth phase. After all, the vineyard developed a strong canopy and a good, balanced fruit load.
In line with the early budding, Veraison started earlier, and the first red berries appeared just before the New Year. Accordingly, we expect harvest to be around 10 days earlier than our long-term average.

September/October 2019 - Spring

After a dry August, our vineyard started with a "half empty tank" into the new season. Luckily, a good rain on September 11 brought about 25mm of precipitation, and budding started evenly, though somewhat earlier than usual.

August 2019

Weather in August was mostly sunny and again, comparatively dry. So WATER remained the topic No. 1 for the farmers in the Western Cape, even if the dams of the area are now 66% full - after all, 6% more than the previous year.

June - July 2019

We had to be patient, but eventually the winter rains arrived. Although not as much as it used to be 5-10 years ago, but at least the dams of the area were already 60% full by the end of July. In-between bright-sunny winter days, ideal for vineyard work: It's pruning time.

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